Revealing Mistaken Identities

Shifting the Paradigm

What does the War on Drugs have to do with the Crusades of the Knights Templar?  Anything?  Or everything?

What is the biggest government/institutional conspiracy?  Is it the cover up of aliens or shape-shifting reptilian humans?  What if the biggest secret is closer to home, hidden in plain sight, only we can't see it because we're blinded by pride and prejudice?

Racial segregation is still prevalent in the United States.  In every black community, illegal drugs are also prevalent.  For years, the victims were blamed for the supply of imported illegal narcotics that they could not demand until they were tricked into an addictive slavery to these imports.  In the Nicaraguan Contras' Narcotics Trafficking Litigation, the CIA was blamed for importing the illegal drugs into America's black communities, and thereby causing harm to all Americans. 

Why would America's spy agency enslave African-Americans all over again, this time to drugs and imprisonment?  Why has America never apologized for enslaving Africans through the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade?  Is it because Bible-believing white Christians believe that enslaving and colonizing blacks was OK with God because of Noah's curse of perpetual slavery?  (Genesis 9:20-27.)

"Revealing Mistaken Identities" reveals a secret: Not only were the African descendants of Ham brought to the Americas during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, but some of the children of Israel were enslaved also.  How could it be that the children of Israel were mistaken for black Africans?  Moreover, since Bible-believing white Christians know that God would curse and judge any nation that touches God's anointed (I Chronicles 16:22), then God would understand if the whites didn't know that any Jews were in Africa.  But certain whites DID know.  These were the Catholics of Europe, including successions of popes, and the same Catholic monarchs, Ferdinand and Isabella, who sent Columbus on a voyage to India in the same year that they expelled the Jews out of Spain: Some of these expelled Jews migrated south of Spain into Africa.      

Some would say, "Race doesn't matter."  "We are all God's children."  However, if Jews were scattered to the four corners of the Earth as the Bible records, and some of the enslaved African captives of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade were Jews, then God's Judgment awaits their captors.  Currently, the Earth is facing a solar maximum and a 1 in 8 chance of a solar super storm.  The solar super storm could end the economic dominance of the Western remnants of the Roman Empire by knocking out satellites and electrical transformers.  Without electrical power, money and stocks could not be transferred.  Worse, water could not be pumped.  An extended blackout would also risk meltdowns at nuclear power plants.  Millions of people who live within 50 miles of nuclear power plants would need to be evacuated or risk disease-causing exposure to nuclear fallout in the air, water, and food supply. 

Would such a solar super storm be God's Judgment on the Roman Empire's enslavement of any child of Israel?

The affects of Judgment Day could be minimized, or even averted, by repentance.  However, repentance would include correcting the past by giving reparations and repatriating the captives of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade back to Africa.  Would the Americas and Europe be like Babylon under King Cyrus and send the children of Israel back to their land?  Or would the Americas and Europe be like hard-hearted Egypt and require several plagues before letting God's people go?

Is Babylon the fallen the remnants of the "Holy" Roman Empire? 
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